How to Edit and Proof Your Own Writing

I love this post from Michelle Taylor over at Southern Dreaming. It’s amazing how different our work looks from different perspectives – reading aloud, printing out and reading backwards. I always find so many more errors in a hard copy that I never saw on the screen.

Southern Dreaming

Proofing and editing my own writing is a daily practice and necessity for me. I write for a living, but writing also happens to be my personal passion as well. Through trial by fire, and a fair amount of research, I have refined a self-editing and proofing process that will make your content more captivating and error free.

1. Make Proofreading and Editing Two Separate Processes

The first mistake I made when I began this journey in self-editing, was confusing the definitions of ‘proofreading’ and ‘editing’, as most people use these terms almost interchangeably. While editing digs deep into analyzing and improving your content, proofreading is the final stage of polishing and refining the minor details such as punctuation and misspellings.

The way I formerly self-edited looked like this- moving sentence by sentence through my work, revising content, trying out new ideas, and scanning for grammatical errors all in the…

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