The Cloud Sisters Trilogy

I’m currently writing a romantic trilogy centered around a trio of sisters in a country music band. The McAllister sisters (who go by the name The Cloud Sisters) are an undiscovered act who hail from the fictional small country town of Wattle Hill in my home state of New South Wales, Australia.

Each book is told from the POV of a different sister (and the hero) and follows their journey from being an unsigned act to finding success and love, and is set in both Australia and Nashville.

The idea emerged two years ago from my months-long boxset binge on the TV show Nashville. I’d always loved a bit of country music but after falling in love with the show, I became a dedicated fan of both the music and the scene.

In January this year I even travelled to Tamworth for the annual country music festival, the most iconic event of its kind in Australia. I wanted to write a fictional series like Nashville about the Australian country music industry, and going to Tamworth gave me a lot of insight and inspiration, not to mention exposure to some pretty talented Aussie bands and artists.

My inspiration for the all-girl sister band came from our very own McClymonts, who have a stack of successful albums and are well-known in this country. Also,  being the middle of three sisters has given me a wealth of material to work with! The fun, the love, the fights (eek!). The characters of Elodie, Scarlett and Amber are entirely fictional though (promise, sissies…).

Each of the sisters have their own talents and unique personalities, and even though they’re travelling the same way, their paths to fame and love are very different.

Book One:

Enchanting Elodie

Status: First draft completed. Re-writing 75% completed.


Pic: My mock up of the front cover using Derek Murphy’s online book cover creator tool

It’s the last gig on tour for Australian country girl Elodie McAllister’s struggling band The Cloud Sisters. The dive bar isn’t exactly the kind of place she expected to be discovered, but tonight Elodie will be head-hunted by the biggest name in country music, sexy Texan Heath Howley.

Mistaking him for just another hot guy looking for a hook-up, Elodie almost blows her shot at stardom. But with the promise of a business proposal, Heath invites her to stay with him at the secluded Sugar Creek Estate in the Hunter Valley. Elodie is certain he is interested in more than her voice… but not so sure that she wants to resist him.

Heath Howley is used to getting what he wants – except the girl who stole his heart before he was famous. Something is holding Elodie back from reaching her dreams, and it’s the same thing that’s stopping her falling into his bed. To release her, all it will take is a little enchanting…

Book one begins with the eldest McAllister sister, Elodie. She’s at a place in her life where her band isn’t going anywhere despite early promise, and she and her sisters are sick of playing gigs but not earning enough money to keep going. Elodie is also newly heart-broken and is looking for a quick distraction from her pain with hot men.

When they play at a country pub, the Alehouse (the locals call it the Outhouse which is Aussie slang for a toilet), she meets a handsome mysterious stranger with a Southern American accent. But Elodie is in a bad mood because her latest distraction has let her down and she doesn’t respond well to the guy’s apparent overtures. Little does she know when she elbows him in the guts for being too forward, is that he is in fact a famous celebrity, a country music star by the name of Heath Howley, and he was trying to offer her a business opportunity…

The story takes place in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia, and Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I have been to the Hunter Valley but I’ve never been to Nashville, so a lot of research and imagination went into writing this book. The celebrity world is also foreign to me, but it’s all around us and even more accessible now with the advent of social media, so it wasn’t too difficult to imagine and create Heath’s world.

Enchanting Elodie is pure escapism for romance fans who are prone to celebrity crushes and who might just have a penchant for country music or its stars!

Book Two:

Seducing Scarlett

Status: In the outlining stage.

The second book in the series focuses on the youngest sister, Scarlett McAllister. It takes place a few months after the end of book one and is all about the unrequited romance that took place in Enchanting Elodie between Scarlett and Heath Howley’s wing-man, best mate and security expert, Mike Steele. These two really hit it off in book one but their budding romance ends on a sour (and mysterious) note. In Seducing Scarlett, Mike has been hired by the Cloud Sisters to act as security and in the process, plans to win Scarlett back.

I’ve been bouncing a lot of ideas around with book two, but I feel that I need to get book one completely re-written before I know what is going to happen. So back to brainstorming I go!

Book Three: As yet untitled

Status: Not started.

The last book in the trilogy features the middle sister (and probably the one I can most relate to, being a middle child myself!) Amber McAllister. In book one, Amber has a long-term partner, country veterinarian Colton. I know that book three ends with a wedding but I have no idea who Amber marries – Colton or another mystery man. I’m excited to find out!


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